• Sanctuary Remodel Vision Sharing 大堂裝修異像分享

    The Deacon Board will have a vision sharing of the Sanctuary remodel and upgrade plan on April 11. We will share the proposed remodeling plan and fundraising plan. Please come join one of the two sessions at 10:45-11:15am or 1:00-1:45pm. If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the online form here: lordsgrace.org/RemodelComment


    Zoom meeting info:

    1. 10:45-11:15am lordsgrace.org/RemodelPlan1
    (Zoom Meeting ID: 860 5760 0630; Passcode: 2021)

    2. 1:00-1:45pm lordsgrace.org/RemodelPlan2
    (Zoom Meeting ID: 897 3251 5784; Passcode: 2021)

  • 傳福音訓練課程

    傳道部將於四月十一日至六月廿七日的主日學時間內(上午9:30至10:45), 邀請羅裕康醫生, 舉辦網上個人傳福音訓練課程(粵語), 為期十二課, 內容包括福音五重奏、個人得救見證、如何入題、如何與不同背景人士傳福音等。目的是裝備信徒對傳福音的承擔,建立學員的信心和技巧,能生活化實踐,有效地向不同背景的親友隨時傾談福音。歡迎各弟兄姊妹踴躍參加!

    語言:  粵語

    講員:  羅裕康醫生

    日期:  2021年4月11 日至6月27日 (逢星期日主日學時間)

    時間:  上午 9:30-10:45

    地點:  Zoom 網上培訓

    課程要求:  必須預先報名,全課程委身,以便安排分組實習 。如沒有特別原因 ,不能缺席超過兩堂 。

    網上報名:  www.lordsgrace.org/EVTraining_registration

    截止日期:  2021年4月4日

    查詢:  Cindy電郵 [email protected] 或電話 650-307-4550.

    課程內容 (共十二課):講員授課學員實習
    * 整全的福音佈道法: 五個重點, 缺一不可第一課 (4/11)第二課 (4/18)
    * 如何預備 “福音性的個人得救見證”第三課 (4/25)第四課 (5/2)
    * 談道與説教 / 談道技巧第五課 (5/9)第六課 (5/16)
    * 如何入題 及引導返回正題, 避免被遊花園第七課 (5/23)第八課 (5/30)
    * 如何向受東方文化影響的對象傳福音第九課 (6/6)第十課 (6/13)
    * 如何向受西方文化影響的對象(年青人)傳福音第十一課 (6/20)第十二課 (6/27)

  • Good Friday Service 受難節特別崇拜

    4/2 7:30pm Zoom link: lordsgrace.org/GoodFriday2021
    (Meeting ID: 854 2147 5248; Passcode: 660278)

    Good Friday Service Instructions & Program: Click here

    We will be having a special Good Friday Zoom service this year on Friday, April 2 at 7:30pm. In order to fully experience the service, you will need to pick up a Good Friday pack from the church.

    Update: Pre-prepared Good Friday Packs are now out of stock at the office. Please refer to the Instructions linked above for the contents of the pack. Please feel free to join the service even if you do not have all the components of the pack.

    教會的線上受難節特別崇拜將在今晚4月2日(週五)晚上7:30 舉行。為了會眾能全情投入崇拜,本會準備了受難節禮包以增進體驗。

    更新:預先準備好的受難禮包已發放完畢。禮包內的各樣物品詳情請參閱鏈接:Click here。弟兄姐妹可以自行預備禮包,若家中沒有相關齊備物品,亦誠邀一起參加崇拜。

  • NA Trip 2021 夏季跨文化教學實習

    2021 Summer Teaching Internship: Experience North African culture, make new friends, and develop your teaching skills by joining this trip from June to August. You will be trained to teach English to local middle and high schoolers. You will live as locals live, and get a taste of local cuisine, language, and culture. Individuals are encouraged to evaluate his/her own risks in light of the pandemic before applying. Application deadline 3/31.

    2021夏季跨文化教學實習: 透過參加為期八週(6至8月 )的實習計劃 , 實習生可體驗北非文化,結識新朋友並發展教學技能。培訓計劃包括向當地的初中和高中生英語授課,親身經歷當地人的生活,美食,語言和文化。鼓勵個人先考量疫情風險,心裡有平安後再申請加入,截止日期: 3/31 。

  • Virtual VBS 線上暑期聖經班 2021

    Destination Dig Virtual VBS: June 21-25, 2021
    10:00am-11:30am for 3-5 years old
    9:30am-12:00pm for kids entering K-6th grade in Fall 2021

    Registration begins on March 1 and ends on March 23. For more info and registration, visit lordsgrace.org/vbs2021.

    Please invite your friends and neighbors to join us.
    We also need volunteers, both adults and youth,  to serve at VBS. Please contact Tammy ([email protected]) for this wonderful opportunity to serve God. 

    尋找目的線上暑期聖經班 (VBS): 6/21-6/25
    時間: 10 AM-11:30 AM (3-5歲兒童)
    9:30 AM-12:00 PM (2021年秋季進入幼稚園-六年級的小朋友)

    3月1日開始報名, 註冊詳情請瀏覽 lordsgrace.org/vbs2021

    我們期望有眾多兒童參加, 需要成人和青年同工, 有不同的服事崗位; 有意者請聯繫 Tammy ([email protected])。