4/2 7:30pm Zoom link: lordsgrace.org/GoodFriday2021
(Meeting ID: 854 2147 5248; Passcode: 660278)

Good Friday Service Instructions & Program: Click here

We will be having a special Good Friday Zoom service this year on Friday, April 2 at 7:30pm. In order to fully experience the service, you will need to pick up a Good Friday pack from the church.

Update: Pre-prepared Good Friday Packs are now out of stock at the office. Please refer to the Instructions linked above for the contents of the pack. Please feel free to join the service even if you do not have all the components of the pack.

教會的線上受難節特別崇拜將在今晚4月2日(週五)晚上7:30 舉行。為了會眾能全情投入崇拜,本會準備了受難節禮包以增進體驗。

更新:預先準備好的受難禮包已發放完畢。禮包內的各樣物品詳情請參閱鏈接:Click here。弟兄姐妹可以自行預備禮包,若家中沒有相關齊備物品,亦誠邀一起參加崇拜。