2021 Summer Teaching Internship: Experience North African culture, make new friends, and develop your teaching skills by joining this trip from June to August. You will be trained to teach English to local middle and high schoolers. You will live as locals live, and get a taste of local cuisine, language, and culture. Individuals are encouraged to evaluate his/her own risks in light of the pandemic before applying. Application deadline 3/31.

2021夏季跨文化教學實習: 透過參加為期八週(6至8月 )的實習計劃 , 實習生可體驗北非文化,結識新朋友並發展教學技能。培訓計劃包括向當地的初中和高中生英語授課,親身經歷當地人的生活,美食,語言和文化。鼓勵個人先考量疫情風險,心裡有平安後再申請加入,截止日期: 3/31 。