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Welcome to LGCC’s annual Missions Conference: 祝福成為祝福
Click the headers and sub-headers below to read more information about each of the sessions. YouTube and Zoom links will be added to each session as they become available.

Oct. 18 Schedule: BAM/B4T

Sermon with 羅裕康醫生/長老 & Sunday School with Sister Deborah

Sunday 10/18, 9:30am Sermon

Zoom link: Click here


经文:创世记 12:1-3; 马可福音 1:38;使徒行传 13:2
Speaker: 羅裕康醫生/長老

Sunday 10/18, 11:15am Sunday School

Zoom link: Click here

Helping Without Hurting – Using Practices from Transformational Community Development
Speaker: Sister Deborah

Using real life experiences, we will look at practical approaches to transformational community development that empowers and improves the lives of people, families and communities on three levels – economically, spiritually and socially.

*Joint Sunday School in English

Oct. 23-25 Schedule: 祝福成為祝福

Sessions with 马可牧师, Sunday School with Colleen Wong

Friday 10/23, 8:00-9:00pm

YouTube: Click here

周五:祝福成為祝福——承受祝福     經文:創12:1-3
Speaker: 马可牧师


*Session is in Mandarin and will have traditional Chinese subtitles.

Saturday 10/24, 7:30-8:30pm

YouTube: Click here

周六:祝福成為祝福——成为祝福     經文:加3:1-29
Speaker: 马可牧师


*Session is in Mandarin and will have traditional Chinese subtitles.

Sunday 10/25, 9:30am Sermon

Zoom link: Click here

主日:祝福成為祝福——承傳祝福     經文:彼前2:9
Speaker: 马可牧师


*Session is in Mandarin and will have traditional Chinese subtitles.

Sunday 10/25, 11:15am Sunday School

Zoom link: Click here

Developing a Strategy to Share the Gospel Through Our Stories
Speaker: Colleen Wong

Session 4 will look at the blessings LGCC has inherited and how LGCC is primed to be a strategic force at this stage in Christian history. We will dialogue on how the collective LGCC body can actually serve and use their story in God’s kingdom.

*Joint Sunday School in English

Speaker Biographies

  • 加州灣區資深外科醫生
  • 曾任中國信徒佈道會董事
  • 多年全身投入福音事工及培訓工作
  • 現任主恩基督教會長老

Sister Deborah

Deborah has partnered with LGCC since 2018. With a heart to serve God and the tribal peoples of the world, she applied 30 years of business experience to serving poor and marginalized communities in East and West Africa. She trained and empowered people to develop and implement plans to improve their lives spiritually and economically using Business for Transformation as a discipleship tool.

  • 2004年初信主,2005年5月蒙召全職,接受神學訓練。
  • 2008年成為培訓導師,在中國培訓同工建立並牧養教會。
  • 2012年被按立為牧師。
  • 2013-15年一邊牧會,一邊在神學院讀書,15年12月畢業。
  • 2016夏天,馬可牧師夫妻一起來北美某神學院讀書。
  • 2020年8月,馬可牧師畢業。
  • 馬可夫妻育有二女一子。

Colleen Wong

Colleen serves as an intersection between many diverse fields. Her experience includes supporting the inner city poor, providing pastoral care to long term workers, assisting church staff teams, and serving with her late husband as part of an overseas church planting team in the Middle East. 

Colleen is currently on staff with Deoworks as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Platforms, with a focus on national leadership development.  Deoworks is a Gospel-centered consulting non-profit company seeking to incubate ideas that contribute to furthering the Kingdom.

Colleen has been a Perspectives speaker for over 15 years and has served on their curriculum development team.

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