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The Saturday 7pm session is still viewable on Youtube: Link

Building a Great Commission Family

6/27 Saturday session 7:00pm
Mandarin/English recorded sessions + Interactive Q/A

Last year, David and Rossana shared with us their family’s incredible faith adventures while living in China. This year, they will share with us the challenges that they encountered as a family in that journey. May the lessons they learned give you insight and help as you wrestle with building a Great Commission family


Being A Chinese-American Christian In These Turbulent Times

6/28 Sunday School 11:15am
Joint M+E session, presented in English

It’s tough enough raising our kids in America with various facets of bilingual and bicultural identities. Against the backdrop of escalating tensions between the US and China and a global pandemic, it’s even more bewildering as we face friends and family across the ocean with different and often conflicting views on faith and politics.  Let’s look to the Word of God and on how we can engage in a Christlike manner with those whose values diverge from ours.

David and Rossana will share their own journey of wrestling with this issue as Third Culture Kids (TCKs) born in Taiwan and raised in North America and then went on to raise their own TCKs born in America and raised in Beijing, China. They have found comfort from what the Bible has to say about our identities in these uncertain times, when everything that can be shaken is being shaken.


林為千和蔣佩蓉作為在台灣出生、在北美長大的第三文化人 (TCK),將分享他們在這個問題上走過的掙扎旅程,之後又如何撫養他們在美國出生、在中國北京長大的第三文化小孩。在這個不確定的時代,當一切可以被撼動的東西都在被動搖之時,他們藉著《聖經》中確定自己身份的話語中找到了安慰。

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